Aluna the dik dik is only 8 inches tall.

She didn’t bond with her mother, so she’s being raised by hand by the luckiest zookeeper ever at the Chester Zoo.


Fun shark attack facts:

  • In 1996, toilets injured 43,000 Americans. Sharks injured 13.
  • In 1996, 2,600 Americans were injured by room fresheners. Sharks injured 13.
  • In 1996, buckets and pails injured almost 11,000 Americans. Sharks injured 13.
  • For every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks.


  1. Humans are assholes.
  2. Sharks are not assholes.
  3. Apparently everyone in 1996 lived in a real-life infomercial.


whos planning on getting high tomorrow?? not me because im not a DISAPPOINTMENT TO JESUS




baby are you a time traveler because you’re such a misogynist i feel like i’m in 1932







how do 90% of people on tumblr even go outside without being offended by a blade of grass or something

some of us don’t have grass on our lawns you sack of shit

some of us dont have sacks for our shit check ur privilege 

some of us don’t have privilege check your blades of grass

some of check don’t have blades grass your privilege of us



i drew someone’s cosplay


wedding cake ideas 



How often have you been shopping and you come across something that is just PERFECT, but does not go up to your size? Over 60% of American women wear a size 14 or above, but only 17% of clothing sold is 14 & up. That is a ridiculous disparity.

Moreover, when some brands move into plus (ahem H&M), they throw their signature trendy looks by the wayside in favor of flowy dark fabrics that they think “work” for plus sizes. That is crap. Plus size women want color, print, and structure. Moreover, we want variety. A group this numerous cannot be a monolith, and since style is such a personal thing, we all have different tastes. I want #plussizeplease to be a way to showcase the demand for styles we’d buy and rock, and all the money brands are forfeiting by refusing to expand their sizes.

So here’s how to use it:

1) Snap a picture of a garment you love but does not come in your size. Include the brand and price, tagging the company if possible. For example, I am in love with this Zara marble print dress. I would have purchased it yesterday if it went above a size L. My tweet would be:

“.@Zara marble print sheath, $59. I’d buy it right now if it came in my size. #plussizeplease”

2) Use it on any social media – Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest… even Facebook supports hashtags now.

3) Tag anything you’d purchase, whether in store or online.

4) Feel free to include the size range it comes in and/or the size you think you’d need. Sizing can be tricky, so this is definitely not required.

5) Tell your friends! I don’t just want this to be a blogger thing – I want all women who wear size 14 and up to show their purchasing power and share styles they love. Let’s be unignorable!

this is a very practical use of social media.



A popular Christian band called nuns n roses

I think you mean nuns n moses 




fun fact about me: i was born on 4/20 at 4:20

prove it


bye hater


hearing some phoenix wright tracks several days ago revived the nostalgia in my heart!
I LOVED the english translations for the game because they were so ridiculous and quirky


hearing some phoenix wright tracks several days ago revived the nostalgia in my heart!

I LOVED the english translations for the game because they were so ridiculous and quirky


My sister forgot how to say “turn up the volume” so she said “zoom in on the sound”

Sometimes I feel like setting my balls on fire I think I need some serious help


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